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About Us » About winnie & belle

Winnie and Belle are my cats. My daughter Lynn suggested this name when I told her I was looking at this space for my shop. Right away, that was it. Winnie is in heaven. She lived to be 15 and we loved her so much. Animals are like family to our family. Belle is 3 and she is wonderful! When I come home from a super long day at my shop. She is lying down on her back waiting for me because she sees me getting out of my car. I talk to her, pet her, brush her. I always say “I love you so much I named my store after you.”

winnie & belleI always wanted my own space. I am self taught and would sit on my couch watching TV with hubby and sketch designs or color combos and create jewelry and never gave up on the dream; that I would have my very own shop someday. I visualized it down to the last detail. The shop was empty for almost two years. Since there is a stoplight right in front of it, I would sit at that light several times a day and look at it. It was empty, dark and lifeless however not in my mind’s eye. Finally I told my husband…”We must walk through the space I’ve told you about (six hundred times).”

It was a freezing cold day when we went to see it. As soon as I walked into it I knew that it was mine. It has a tin ceiling, great lighting and is not square, which makes it more quaint. I love it.

I had already planned exactly what I wanted way before putting the key in the door. One-of-a-kind jewelry and specialty gifts was a definite. With decades of vintage components, over 300 pieces of jewelry made, and a determination beyond words, I was ready! The custom work basically started from the beginning and the repairs of costume jewelry came out of people constantly asking me if I did repairs or brought bags of broken jewelry in because ” No one will even look at this or that.”

So hold onto your dream, and follow your bliss and never give up!

Are you in the area? Please feel free to visit us in person!

Store hours:

August hours:
Wed. -Sat.  10:30-5:30

Beginning Sept. 1:
Tues-Sat 10:30-5:30
Thurs 10:30-6:45
Closed Mondays. (By appointment only – via email)
Shop available – (evenings or Mondays) for your very own closed private shopping parties of 4 or more. Treats and drinks will be provided!

I followed my bliss and this is where I ended up. -MKS