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I followed my bliss and this is where I ended up. -MKS

When I was a little girl I would sit for hours at my grandmother’s in Paterson, New Jersey, untangling her costume jewelry. This is where my passion was ignited. It’s very hip to go to thrift stores now. She did it out of necessity. She had twelve children! I still have some of her amazing “finds” from The Salvation Army. I cherish these and those hours untangling. I loved the sounds the beads and chains made, the colors, the intensity of doing close work for hours on end. I still love the semi-musty smell of a thrift store.

I have been passionately collecting stunning components for over 25 years. My regular customers know to leave time when they come with an idea. After they settle in with a cup of coffee they either show me a sketch, tell me their idea, or have a broken strand or two to start with. My desk within minutes is a mound of beads, charms, and gems to choose from. I do not let people leave unless they are thrilled with the end result.

I have so many contacts all over the world from a lot of research. I have exquisite supplies to work with. I will literally take a six-inch strand apart if I don’t like the shade of a single seed bead. lf I didn’t, I feel that it will compromise the end result.

I am completely honored when people ask me to make wedding jewelry.

A woman came in one day with her grandmother’s plate. She told me that she was one of sixteen children and this was all she had. She picked my brain and said that she wanted to gift herself and her nine sisters with a keepsake. She basically left it up to me.¬† I must admit I felt very responsible for this keepsake in my care! After wrapping the precious plate in a towel I broke it. I then picked the best pieces to work with and set them under resin for ten necklaces. This is a three-day process. They looked amazing!!! I also attached their personal birthstones to a loop on the bottom of each pendant. A piece of handmade paper was the “scroll” that I wrote their personal¬†inscription on. Tied with a piece of waxed Irish linen. Then wrapped them all. She was ecstatic!

I was contacted by a woman whose daughter was becoming a veterinarian. She had me make a bunch of DeCoupage animals for her office. I love making these. I hand tear amazing homemade paper. Labor intensive and they are well worth it!

All of my jewelry is one-of-a-kind.  People at my shop love this. It make it very special. There are so many stores where you can buy items, however they are not made on the premises and there are 3,000 of the same item. I will make series or multiple pieces of matching jewelry upon request.

I specialize in repairing costume jewelry. Jewelry stores will not even waste their time speaking to you about your costume jewelry no matter the sentiment. This is something I enjoy and do a lot of. I can repair or breathe new life into an old tired sentimental piece.

Custom work is a genre I totally enjoy doing. You will have my full attention in the shop, on phone calls, or via email.

Mari Keating Schofield